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Assigned 4/30: Complete Study Guide found under the Study Guide Tab (Due 5/5) Study for Middle Ages Test (Monday 5/5)

Assigned 4/23: Complete Vocabulary Flashcards (Must be on index cards!) Due April 30Vocabulary Assessment Wednesday, April 30.

Assigned 3/31: 1st & 2nd Blocks R.A.F.T. Activity Due: Monday, April 7 3rd & 5th Blocks Create Review Flashcards for Judaism and Christianity information. (Discovery Education 8. 1 and 11.1 under evaluate.)
Assigned: Open notes Quiz Wednesday, March 26 Ancient Rome

Assigned: March 10, 2014 Begin preparing for your Quarterly Assessment. (Test will cover ancient Greece and parts of Rome) Study and review all notes! QUARTERLY MARCH 17
Assigned: February 25-28 Work on Ancient Greece Alive Project
Assigned: February 26 Begin completing vocabulary flashcards for ancient Greece (Words can be found under the tab "Vocabulary"

Assigned: February 26 Ancient Greece Vocabulary WordsAssessment: March 5, 2014
Flash Cards are due!

Assigned: February 17-19 Study Ancient Greece Map

Assigned: 1/27/18 Due: 1/31/14
-Finish up on Vocabulary Flash cards (Due Wed.-Review notes on the Shang Dynasty-Work on Comic Strip for the Shang DynastyStudy Vocabulary Words

Assigned: 1/6/18 Due: 1/10/14 Ancient India Vocabulary Assessment
Quarterly January 14!!!!!!

Assigned: 12/11/13 Due: 12/16/13 India's Climate Newsletter (Same due date for everyone!)
Quiz 12/16 (1st block only!) Please study (Geography and Climates of India)
Assigned: 12/6/13 Due: 12/11/13 Complete Ancient India Vocabulary Flash cards
(You will find vocabulary words under the Vocabulary Tab.)

Assigned: 11/15/13 Due: 11/20/13 Study for Ancient Egypt Assessment (Wednesday, November 20) Complete study. Due Wednesday, November 20. (We will have a review on Tuesday)

Assigned: 11/8/13 Due: 11/14/13 Study Vocabulary Words (Test 11/14)

Assigned: 11/5/13 Due: 11/7/13
Create your own Timeline of Ancient Egypt Discovery Ed Social Studies Techbook 4.2 using pages 2&3. You may use the videos to support your reading.

Assigned: 11/6/13 Due: 11/7/13
Study for Quiz on History, Geography and Trade of Egypt. Quiz 11/7

Assigned: 10/28/13 Due: 11/5/13
Complete Vocabulary Flash cards (You will find vocabulary words under the Vocabulary Tab.)

Assigned: 10/14/13 Due: 10/18/13
Pre-Read Chapter 3 Mesopotamia 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3 (Discovery Ed Social Studies Techbook)

Assigned: 9/25/13 Due: 10/2/13
Create Unit 2 Vocabulary Words Flashcards. Please study the spelling and definition of the word.
Please purchase 1 inch binder and bring in Monday, September 30.

Assigned: 9/16/13 Due: 9/23/13
Chegg & Archaeology Study Guide

Vocabulary Assessment (Thursday, September 19) Make sure you know the definition and spelling.

Chegg & Archaeology Assessment (Monday, September 23) Study!!!

Complete the home learning assignment that is on the back of the CULTURE handout you received in class today: Find a culture that exists in the world today that is very different from your culture. Describe the culture and explain why it is different from your own. If you were forced to move to that area and live in that culture, could you survive? Why or why not?
Culture Handout.docx
Culture Handout.docx

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Students should complete their vocabulary flash cards for Unit 1. These will be dueMONDAY 9/9/13. The flash card assignment and vocabulary list can be found on the Vocabulary page of this wiki.

Using the complex reading material, students will complete the graphic organizer "Types of Economic Systems." Graphic organizer is due 9/9

Assigned: 9/9/13 Due: 9/10/13
Complete the 5 Themes of Geography handout
*Note: Students were given clarity on the "Types of Economic Systems" graphic organizer. It is due tomorrow, 9/10/13.

ASSIGNED: Friday, September 13, 2013DUE: Tuesday, September 17 Discovery Education Activity Directions:Log on to Discovery EducationClick on My DE Services, scroll down and click on Social Studies Techbook. If you are not on the World History (Pre History) course, switch course by clicking on the switch course icon.Click on chapter 1 Human OriginsClick on Rise of HumansClick on the “Explore” tab and then click on the #2
Read the passage “How do archaeologists examine a site? After reading this passage, complete the flow chart graphic organizer. You are to provide the steps to which archaeologists use to examine sites. Place your steps in each box. (You should find the steps stated in your reading)
Read “Careful study.” After reading this passage, complete the Two Column notes graphic organizer. On the left side, you are going to write your questions or phrases you have formulated from your reading. On the right, you are going to answer your questions or clarify your phrases.
Left: a. How do present day archaeologists prevent carelessness and fraud that was common in the early archaeology days?b. Reasons for protocols

Right:a. By setting protocols or rulesb. to minimize the impact on dig sites